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Todd, Beth and I are sitting here with the temperature outside about 40 degrees, but we are toasty warm and comfortable. The unit you installed this past spring went through the summer wonderfully and our electric bill was noticeably less than the older, less efficient you replaced. Your team was very professional when the installation was made and your staff cleaned up the work site so you would never have known they were there.

We have purchased two replacement systems from you: Our main house heat pump and the Split System most recently installed. Your company will always be the company we call on. Merry Christmas to you, your family and your team. -
Mike & Beth F.
I have used Todd King’s Heating and Cooling for over ten years and have always found Todd to be so very pleasant, caring, and trustworthy. He has always responded quickly whenever I needed him and his workers have always been efficient, respectful and polite. Another great thing about Todd is that he has the expertise and experience in servicing and maintaining water source heat pumps that work in conjunction with ground water loop systems including hot water heat recovery (free hot water). So when it was time to replace my aging units, he did the job with two very quiet and efficient AHRI certified units.

He also provided me with the AHRI certificates necessary to qualify me for a home energy tax credit. He observed on his own and replaced my rusted out return grilles – they look so much nicer! He also cooperated to coordinate his project with other projects being carried out in the house and provided us with a portable AC to keep us comfortable during the August change out – he goes above and beyond to satisfy his customers! Since the new units have been installed, I have called him once, thinking I had an AC problem. He was here within the hour and, without a sign of irritation, correctly determined the problem was not with the new units, but with the electrical lines leading into the house. Thank you Todd! - 
Barbara P.
When our 20-year-old 3-ton central A/C unit needed replacement, we got a quote from another company and from Todd King Heating and Cooling. Todd was very professional, made good recommendations and his price quote was less expensive for the same level unit. We decided to accept the proposal and were very pleased with the work his crew did. He scheduled the change out and installation of a new Trane system for the following week and his crew was right on time and got the job done in one day. I highly recommend Todd King’s Heating & Cooling for any air conditioning system work. Mark C.
The Open Bible Church had two very old air handlers that needed replacing. The work was very complicated. Todd King Heating and Cooling gave us a bid that we could live with and with great professional work got the job done. The units are working great, we are very thankful. - Pastor Jack K.
My name is Duncan McLaughlin, I am the Manager at Oasis Express Car Wash on North Monroe. I recently got my HVAC replaced by Todd King's Heating and Cooling. When replaced, the unit worked excellent! When the hurricane hit recently my HVAC went down. Todd's guys spent 2 days working out the problem. They were very professional and dedicated to solving the problem at hand. Anyone who has a heating and cooling issue should give Todd King's Heating and Cooling a call! - Duncan M.
Our tenant's 14 year old daughter had open heart surgery and Todd was pro active in his thinking outside the box in this situation! He assessed the problem in an efficient and timely manor. He provided a window air conditioner unit since the daughter's health depended upon it!! Yes if there's a Hero it was Todd. And thank you Todd because you made a great First impression and we will call on you for townhouse rental and our home for future needs. - Linda S.

Dear Mr. King, Thank you for the installation of my new Trane XL 18i Heat Pump. Besides being very satisfied with my new unit I would like to express how impressed I was with your professionalism and work ethic. I noticed during the installation you not only worked with your Install Team but were right there with them under the house. It says a lot when the owner of a business has his hands on the job. This showed me that your standards of excellence proposed to me were carried out the entire time of our agreement. After conducting my own extensive research, I found what you proposed to be exceptional! Not only was it perfect for my needs, but outranked your competitor’s suggestions. Your knowledge and expertise whereexactly as you presented.

Fondly - Dr. J. H.

This letter is to thank Todd King and associates for the service of installing our new heating and cooling unit in our home. Our request for the work to be done was a request to change out an old existing central unit and install a new air conditioning system and a gas furnace. With the level of difficulty in installing the new larger gas furnace unit in a smaller space we are well pleased in how everything was completed. I thank you for having a crew that worked diligently in the carpentry work along with gas line modifications that was required to make the new unit fit in a smaller space. Your crew worked diligently to make sure every detail was completed as needed, and I also appreciate being kept informed along the way. We are pleased with the work you performed, as the new unit works perfectly and quietly with added adjustments Mr. Todd King was knowledgeable to perform. Thanks for a job well done and your diligence to see our job completed in a timely professional manner.

Thanks Again - Anthony C. & Family

My A/C unit stopped working probably at the worst possible time: summer heat already here and the day before I left for a 2 week vacation! To further complicate my situation, my coastal home is 18 ft off the ground and would require a lift or crane for replacement of my unit. Needless to say, it wasn't an easy job but I was not worried. Todd King quickly came out, inspected my problem and suggested several reasonable alternatives to fix my cooling needs. My house was cooled before I returned and he did follow-up with me to see how everything was working for me.

This isn't the first time Todd King got me out of a bind. With a houseful of people last July 4th weekend I also had an issue with my home A/C. He saved me from that nightmare as well. He and his son were so polite that my brother-in-law from South Florida commented on how impressed he was. I trust Todd to do an honest job.

Kristina P.

 In planning for replacement of my heat pump, a friend recommended Todd King’s Heating and Cooling. Todd proposed replacing my Trane with a Trane at a much better price than the quotes of two competitors for off-brand units. When my old unit gave out ahead of the scheduled change out date, Todd had his team on the job the next day and personally inspected the work. I felt confident dealing with Todd because of his professional conduct and commitment to serving the customer.

- Christi G.

Dear Todd, I wanted to thank you for coming to our rescue when our heating/cooling unit died during the winter. I called you on a Sunday evening and you had the problem diagnosed and a solution put into place the very next day. We purchased a new heating/cooling unit from you and we are thrilled with the way it is working.  It is quiet, and effective. The heating feels very even throughout the house.  I think we made a good choice. Thank you again for your quick response to our breakdown. The weather turned quite cold right after you installed the unit. 

We appreciate you. - David and Sheila B.
 I purchased a Trane heat pump system through and installed by Todd King Heating and Cooling at the end of June 2015. The 15 Seer heat pump system installed replaced an approximately seventeen (17) years old split system with gas heat and a separate air conditioning system; the A/C unit had a 10 Seer rating. The gas heating unit, air handling unit, and interior coils of my old system were located in my attic which had always been a concern for me. I discussed this concern and a number of others with Mr. Todd and his employees and they came up with a design and placement of the system to meet my concerns while also addressing system functionality. They listened to me, educated me and and addressed my concerns, which I greatly appreciated. There was an issue after installation where the system kept shutting off which was quite inconvenient as the temperatures were hot, hot, hot and of course, I wanted the system to work perfectly; after several trouble calls, it was determined that debris had settled in the drain line preventing the drain pan from properly draining and was shutting the system down. Once the clog was identified and removed, all was fine.

It is now approximately two months since my new system was installed. I have not to date had any additional concerns with the system's operation and I have observed approximately a $30-$40 saving per month during July and August 2015. An unexpected additional benefit of the new system has been that the higher efficiency heat pump pulls so much more humidity out of my house; this has allowed me to raise my indoor temperature to 80 degrees during this summer and along with my ceiling fans running I am still quite comfortable and I save money. I cannot speak to the functionality of the heating unit until cooler temperatures come to North Florida but am hopeful that I will see good operation and as good or better savings. Mr. King indicated that they will ensure that the heating system is functioning as expected as cooler temperatures begin to occur. Overall, my experience with Mr. King and his employees was cordial, professional and timely. - Steve E.

In March 2015, we were having problems with our Trane composite air conditioning unit. We contacted Todd King who sold us the unit in 2004. He came to our house promptly and after a careful evaluation of the unit, suggested it would be more cost effective to replace it. We chose the same unit but had many upgrades from 2004. Other than a days delay in transport from Jacksonville, Todd King and his crew provided due diligence in expediting the removal of the old unit and setting up for the new one. All of the crew were professional and courteous and as soon as the new unit arrived at their shop, it was brought out to our house and the hook-up was completed with little or no disturbance to our yard and our comfort. As we live nearly 40 miles from Tallahassee, the number of trips out and the amount of time spent on our problem was impressive. I would highly recommend Todd King for reliability, professionalism, courtesy, and expediency. - Marilyn and John M.

Mr. King - I just wanted to let you know that you have made me a very happy customer. Having gone through other AC companies - I just wanted to take the time out and let you know that I appreciate everything you and your staff have done for me. It's nice to know that people still believe in excellent customer service. You and your staff went above and beyond with not only installing my new AC and disposing of my old one, you gave me some very handy advice. As an active senior citizen it is good to know that people still take pride in their work and community. Once again I give you my most heartfelt thank you. I will not hesitate to call you or recommend you to my friends and family. Thank you - Gladys P.

When my A/C unit stopped working at my rental property, I called Todd King to come service the unit. Todd scheduled the appointment in a timely and professional manner. I had to have the entire unit replaced. He ordered and installed a new unit within a few days. I am very happy with the work that was done and will use Todd King’s Heating and Cooling again for any other services I may need in the future. - Krishna K.

Thank you,Todd King, for your prompt and efficient replacement of our air conditioner unit. You have been our air conditioner man for many years and you have never disappointed us in your knowledge or service. Thank you. - Myrtie M.

Dear Todd - Thank you for taking such good care of our house. Your crew did a fine job. They were conscientious, hard working, cheerful and fun, very careful of our things, patient in working around us and respectful of each other as well as appreciation of you. We wanted to ado10pt them all but alas we probably couldn't afford to feed all of them. As we mentioned, they make you look good, Todd.

Todd and Crew - We want to take the chance to tell you how much we appreciate the great work Todd King's Heating and Cooling did for us! Your crew are courteous, pay attention to detail and really care about your client's homes. We cannot believe how much we are saving with our new A/C unit. We wish we knew how much we could have been saving years ago by upgrading to a more energy efficient. Thanks again for all your help! - Patrick & Melinda C.

Todd, Mel, Eric, and Crew - We at Minutemen Press of Tallahassee want to extend our sincere gratitude to all of the good people at Todd King's who helped us recently. Thanks to their fine work, we are cool for the first time. We would also like to compliment the entire organization for their efficiency and professionalism. It is hard to find this level of service these days and we wanted to recognize a job well done. Most Sincerely - Scott & Jannine K.

We appreciate your kind and gently "holding of our hand" through this problem and solution. You were so patient and reassuring. We now know why Steve B. thinks so highly of you and why we've only heard compliments about you and your work. They're deserved. You all are First Class. We sincerely appreciate all you did for us. With Warm Regards - Fred & Lynn H.

Dear Todd - Thank you so much for your donation to our auction. The response has been overwhelming. Great things are happening at Goodwood with so many dedicated volunteers and so much community support. I do hope you and your family will be able to come to the antique show. There will be lots to see. Many Thanks Again - Nelle B.

Todd - Carla and I want to let you know how much we appreciate what you did and how everything was handled. We know you went above and beyond what you needed to do. I'm sorry we've had so many problems with this unit. Again you guys have been great!! Just wanted to let you know your tech Eric was fantastic for doing so much above & beyond. Thanks again - Bruce & Carla C.

10Hi Eleni and Todd - We all hope you and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving!! Thanks for working so hard around here Todd..and your team is amazing!! They are polite, clean and so efficient!! You have a good eye for talented guys!! Thanks again, because we know you must treat them well for them to be so wonderful!! Eleni, say Hello to your parents for me!! - Toni H.

Thanks for your service. Dave Wiggins is a good member of your team. - Don S.